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Friday, July 22, 2011

Just Add Sun!

There was a kind of nail polish that I loved back in my university days.  I believe it was Revlon that had the line of polish that came in many different colors that cracked up when you put it on to show the color underneath.  I loved it.  I used to buy all the bottles I could find because they kept stressing that it was a "limited" polish line.  It did go away and I missed it.  But now, thanks to OPI, it's back!  OPI brought the whole crackle nail polish concept back to the mainstream!  Sally Hansen also followed suit along with other companies.  Between the different companies, there are many different colors - black, navy, silver, gold, purple, green, red, grey.....I haven't seen it in pink yet.

I've shared My OPI Black Shatter polish with my nieces, the ex nanny and my cousins.  They all (ages 5 to 38) loved it!!!  It gives you a salon look without spending the salon money.  I use it at home for my mani and pedi.  I just change the colors up every week.  Sometimes I may just have one cracked nail on each hand or I mix it up with different underlying colors and cracked top colors.  It is a lot of fun and got me thinking about other polish lines that may exist that I could play with.  the curiosity led me to a special line by Del Sol.

Del Sol has color changing nail polish!  It isn't a mood polish like I originally thought when I saw it. Rather, you just add sun!  It goes on one color and then changes color when you step out into the sun.  I have found 24 different colors so far - mostly online.  It is awesome!  The color that I chose to experiment with was Heartbreaker.  It is a semi sheer sparkle red color that changes to a purple color in the sun.  I found my color at Walgreens for $2.99 in the state of Florida.  The options were limited in store.  I was surprised to find the additional colors that existed on 

Now I have more options and ways to play with my at home mani/pedis each week.  I am now rocking Del Sol on my middle fingers and white polish with black crackle on the other fingers.  Fun stuff.  It keep my nails short because of my hobbies and they always look cute.  This is something for young, old and in between!  And here's a tip:  Check out the Amazon link. There are pink choices, too!  I chose this particular link because it shows all of the color options.  The price actually starts from 7.99.  This is something fun for yourself and/or the little diva in your life.  Try it!

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