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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Got Football/Soccer?

You know how your SO tells you stories about the good old days? You kinda look at him like, "Sure you were a phenomenal basketball player." Or, "Yeah! I believe you that you hung out with so and so." We all know how men love to embellish to impress their ladies. The thing is with my SO, the stories all turn out to be true. He told me how great he was in college playing ball until he blew out his knee. I gave him that "yeah, right" look - then I had to pick my jaw up off the ground the first time I actually saw him play. He told me stories about the music industry and I kinda believed him. Then he would come over with pictures from video shoots or rough cuts of songs from huge stars after he left the studio. I then just took him at his word with his stories.

One day he told me about his childhood homeboys that played soccer...or football, as we call it in the islands. Two brothers, from Jamaica, that were amazing at football. The SO got that glint in his eye as he started his story and I have to admit: old habits die hard. I thought what craziness is he about to tell me now? And then he hit me with it. One of the brothers, he said, had started a clothing line. Yeah, right! A Jamaican football player had a clothing line? I had so many questions. (My immediate thought was that we had to support the business venture but I had to know how good it really was.) And so the questions began. What kind of clothing line? Did he carry women's clothing? Did he carry children's clothes? Was there a storefront? Did he ship? Did the SO have any pieces? Was there a website? In the usual SO manner, there were a whole lot of I don't know's, I think so's, I'll have to ask him's and the infamous blank stare. He did know that it was football based and it was called Futbolr (though he didn't know the exact spelling at the time.) Without the correct spelling and any pieces in the SO's closet for me to inspect, Futbolr quickly left my short shopping list.

About three months later, a package arrived for the SO. Inside was the hottest pull-over hoodie I had ever seen in my life. I wanted one. He quickly put it on and the front was emblazoned with "Futbolr." I. Was. Jealous. Where as mine? It was so soft, cozy and warm. I couldn't stop touching it and could not hide my jealousy. When I asked where was my hoodie, the SO laughed and said they didn't make them for women. I didn't find it funny and quickly went to the website with the correct spelling in hand. What his childhood homeboy was gonna do was make me something!!! No such luck. Not only had they not had hoodies in my size, all the women's stuff was sold out in my size. I was so depressed. I quickly got an attitude every time I saw the SO in his hoodie or anything else that he got from Futbolr. (I'm an only child. I understand that I have issues.) Anywho, I would check the website from time to time but my size would always be gone in items I wanted.

As luck would have it, this year when I asked the Sun what kind of birthday party he wanted, he said he wanted a soccer party. He was turning three, so I made sure to ask him several times over the course of two months. His answer was always the same. It was decided. A football party it would be. Of course, on the top of my To Do List was the wardrobe for my little family. I went online to and put in an order for the Sun, the SO and myself. I got the package and was elated.

Here's the thing that I haven't mentioned yet: I am one of the women that just so happens to be little enough to wear children's clothing. While perusing the children's section of Futbolr I noticed there was not a single shred of pink! Not even a little a little peep of pink. Good stuff. Now there was pink in the women's section but you can't win every battle against pink - then I wouldn't have a blog! I now can say that I am the proud owner of women's and children's pieces from Futbolr. I am not a huge football fan, but I am a sports fan. We love the pieces that we have. I dress up my pieces, as well, with heels just as easily as I wear them with sneakers. The quality is amazing. I have not had a problem with any shrinkage or color fading after washing (I do use premium, all green detergents). I love the logo and designs. And I feel that there is a special surprise on each shirt that I have received because there has also been a logo or design on the backs of the shirts not shown on the site. Allow me to show you a small sample of Futbolr!

This first piece is from the women's line. It is so clever that I had to have it. Ladies that are into martial arts, boxing, mixed martial arts can appreciate it as well! It is on sale at this very moment for $16, but that will end on 7/8/12. Hurry!

Now for an example of  a children's item that I purchased in XL. It happens to be my favorite because it is red, white and black - the colors of the Trinidadian flag. Check out the screen on the back. I love it! It is also 20% off until 7/8/12!

Lastly, I will leave you with a picture of the Sun from his birthday party. Ignore the crazy look on his face. He was anxious to get to his cake! The shirt that he is wearing is still available and also on sale until 7/8/12. Until you here from me again, go visit for all your non pink soccer/football fashion must haves for your little divas (and dudes, too this time!). They even have a onesie! I really enjoy this website, which should be evident since I have never written about one particular site. I check it all the time with great anticipation for new items. The service is wonderful and the owner is now a personal friend in my head. We still have never met, but he has contributed to the SO's stories all being true. Thanks for giving me something to write about! I can't wait to see this company grow larger and larger and.....